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Wartime veterans and the surviving spouses of wartime veterans who meet certain criteria are eligible for benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs to help pay for the cost of medical expenses. These benefits often help pay for nursing home care, assisted living facilities or in-home care. This benefit is commonly referred to as “Aid & Attendance.”

As a wartime veteran myself, I focus on helping wartime veterans and the spouses of wartime veterans comply with the eligibility requirements for Aid & Attendance while retaining and preserving as many of their assets as permitted under law. I am accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs to represent veterans in seeking the Veterans Benefits to which they are entitled.

Wartime veterans and surviving spouses of wartime veterans, like non-veterans, may also qualify for Medicaid if they meet certain criteria. Whether the veteran or spouse will be better off applying for Veterans Benefits, Medicaid Benefits, or both depends on a variety of factors. The eligibility rules for VA Benefits and Medicaid Benefits are different. Care must be used when taking steps to qualify for one benefit in order to avoid becoming ineligible for the other. Many “VA Planners,” particularly non-attorney VA Planners, often are successful in qualifying a veteran or the surviving spouse for VA benefits but they do so in a way that later makes the veteran or spouse ineligible for Medicaid when it is needed.

Through timely and effective Veterans Benefits Planning, my team and I can help many veterans and surviving spouses become eligible sooner and preserve a greater portion of the applicant’s assets as permitted under the law.