Elder Law

Every day, I help clients and their families plan by using a combination of tools for estate planning, asset protection, and elder law. By understanding the full picture, I can ensure that we plan for most of the likely outcomes.

Some people who do estate planning try to save a money on probate and, unfortunately, those decisions can expose the family’s assets to claims from the state for nursing home or other long term care. Elder Law can be thought of as estate planning with an emphasis on making sure the individual or their spouse are not disqualified for public benefits they may need as they continue to age or the needed level of care increases.

I can create documents which help with planning for long term care, insurance, protecting assets, and making sure that, if eligible, Medicaid and Veteran’s benefits are available.
In some circumstances it is necessary to establish a Florida Guardianship to care for parents or spouses who have become incapable of managing their daily personal, health, or financial matters.

Not only do I help educate you on your options, I help you implement that plan. I welcome you to call and set an appointment to discuss all of your family’s options.

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