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It’s important to note from the beginning that the legal process of Estate Planning, Probate & Trust Administration, Guardianship, Medicaid Planning and Asset Protection, Special Needs Planning or Veterans’ benefits is not about ME. It’s about you and your family, your concerns and your goals. My job is to be your advocate and advisor, helping you get the results you desire in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible.

I know that by the time you get to the point of hiring an attorney, you are either serious about planning, or you are in a crisis situation. My firm has the tools to help you with either situation: compassionately, responsively, and with more than 23 years of legal experience behind me.

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Practice Areas

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Estate Planning

If you are like many of our prospective clients, you probably wonder whether you really need an estate plan of your own. Some of the more common observations we hear include “estate planning is only for really rich people” or “I’m in great shape, I’ll do that when the time...
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Probate Administration

Perhaps you have heard about probate, in particular that it can be a complicated, time-consuming and stressful process. In many instances, it is all that and more. Here is a partial list of the duties involved in settling an estate: Locate and file the Last Will and Testament with the...
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Medicaid Planning & Asset Protection

Medicaid & Asset Protection Planning is an area of law that concerns itself with assisting clients in qualifying for Medicaid while preserving their life savings. Typically, Medicaid Planning involves clients who require nursing home care, but it can also apply to those seeking community-based Medicaid programs. Medicaid places asset and...
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LGBTQ Focused Planning

LGBTQ Focused Planning I am committed to providing legal support and services to my LGBTQ clients and community. My firm keeps current with the legal issues, accomplishments, and news concerning LGBTQ rights nationwide so that we can ensure we are providing the most effective legal advice possible for any given...
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Small Business Estate Planning

To ensure your company is passed to your family, or to whomever you choose, in exactly the way you desire, you need to create a comprehensive business estate plan.  I help small business owners create a plan that works with their personal estate plan to ensure the outcome is as...
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Elder Law

Every day, I help clients and their families plan by using a combination of tools for estate planning, asset protection, and elder law. By understanding the full picture, I can ensure that we plan for most of the likely outcomes. Some people who do estate planning try to save a...
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With all its legal and governmental details, protecting the safety and comfort of a person with age or other mental disabilities can feel like an uphill battle. Because safety and dignity are important, we represent people seeking legal guardianship of family members with age-related or other disabilities who cannot manage...
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Special Needs

I am dedicated to providing comprehensive, effective plans for families with special needs children and adults. If you are struggling to raise a child with a physical or developmental disability, I understand what you are going through and can help you cope with the many financial, social and medical issues...
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Wartime veterans and the surviving spouses of wartime veterans who meet certain criteria are eligible for benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs to help pay for the cost of medical expenses. These benefits often help pay for nursing home care, assisted living facilities or in-home care. This benefit is...
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Terri Clemens

Liz, is very kind & compassionate and a great listener, who will focus results on your needs.

Terri Clemens
Kimmi Van Der Veen

Liz is easy to talk to, gives sound and professional advice and sees the big picture. She is truly an advocate for all of her clients.

Kimmi Van Der Veen
James Mceleney

So great to have a caring and knowledgeable attorney here in St. Pete who is a resource and advocate for her clients. We are so fortunate that Ferrari, Butler & Moneymaker expanded to have a St. Pete presence.

James Mceleney
Rebecca Irving

Liz is a caring, dedicated lawyer who puts your interests first and makes sure you’re protected. Highly recommend!

Rebeca Irving

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